Today we are highlighting, Green Locus Yoga owned by Melissa Leger.  Melissa and I met several years ago after I moved to Tampa and recently she told me about some of the classes she offers for toddlers and kids.  After hearing about the benefits, I have to admit that I wish mine were young enough to at that age. Luckily she also offers classes for teens- so we are good!
Hi Melissa!
1) How long has Green Locus Yoga been in business?  I heard you recently moved  to a new location- where are you now?
We’ve been serving our community since 2013. We are right off of Sheldon on the border of Citrus Park and Westchase, 11961 Sheldon Road.
2) What are some classes that you offer?  What ages?
At Green Locus Yoga, we offer classes literally for all ages. We have classes for babies, toddlers, kids, adults, seniors…..Our Mommy and Me yoga classes are really popular and we’re excited to be launching our new chair series which is great for seniors who may not be able to get up and down off the floor, cancer patients, people out of surgery…basically anyone who thinks they can’t do yoga.
3) What are your most popular classes?
Mommy and Me is popular as well as our CORE FLOW classes which are a little more physically challenging. People also love our GENTLE classes where they can relax and still get some movement in.
4) Do you have classes for beginners?
Yes! Beginners can come into any class but we also run 6 week Yoga 101 series for beginners or people who just want to ask more questions.
5) What’s the best way for people to find out about up-coming classes and  events?
Our online schedule is always the best and most up to date. Check it out here:
 All images courtesy of Green Locus Yoga
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One of my favorite quotes, “The days are long, but the years are short” is perfect for this type of portraits.  As the Mom of two teenagers myself, I simply cannot believe how time has flown.  During different stages of their childhood, I felt like they would never sleep through the night, be out of diapers, stop holding my hand when they crossed the street… but in time all those milestones did happen and here you are with a Senior in High School!  Yikes!!  I know you can’t possibly feel old enough to have a Senior or quite imagine what it will be like next year when they are off on a new path at college or out into the real world.  Life will truly be different after graduation!
Senior Portraits with Mary Ebert Photography are about capturing this last year at home.  Your child’s personality and style.  Do they play a sport?  Love the violin? Love fashion? In the theatre at school?  Love to read or love their car? This is all about capturing what makes your child unique.  It’s not the yearbook photo, although that is a wonderful memory too.  I hope you will check out the images in my Senior Gallery.  They will give you an idea of the style of a Senior Portrait Session with me.  You will see several images of each of the seniors I have worked with recently. I love to get creative and customize a session that will capture just who they are right now. The beach?  The field?  Mudding in the woods?  My studio? A cool coffeehouse or bookstore?  The possibilities are endless but your time is not.  Soon they will be off and I promise you, you will cherish these images for years to come!

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Are you expecting a little addition to your family?  Do you want to find a newborn photographer but are unsure of what to ask?  Well, don’t worry! I’ve put a few tips together to get you started.  Read on….

Tip One- Start Early! 

The best thing to do is start early!  Ideally you would have your newborn photographer selected by the beginning of your 3rd trimester.  You’ll want to look at their website & blog, their style, how they process their images and start thinking about what type of photography appeals the most to you.

Tip Two- Lifestyle versus Posed Newborn Photography

There are two main types of newborn photography- lifestyle and posed. Lifestyle photography captures newborns and their families in an artistic manner and the art of everyday life.

Posed newborn photography is much like the title.  Photographers will work with positioners, props and backdrops and pose your newborn for their portraits.

Many times a newborn photographer will focus on either lifestyle or posed photography, but not both. Choose the style that most appeals to you & your family.

Tip Three- In Studio or In your Home?

Some newborn photographers work only in their own studio, some work only in your home (even for posed photography) and some give you the option to choose.  Make sure to ask your photographer how they work and if they give you a choice, the pros and cons to each.

Tip Four- Safety!!! 

Be sure to ask prospective newborn photographers about their experience.  Newborn photography is special because the photographer is handling and caring for your baby for hours at a time.  You want someone who is experienced in caring for, posing, and photographing an infant.

Tip Five- Pricing and Products

It’s likely that you will find many different pricing structures when speaking with professional photographers. Make sure you understand what their session (or creative) fee does and does not include. Some photographers offer just the newborn session while others offer a baby plan that covers this first year in several sessions.  Ask for a complete pricing guide and most photographers should be able to give you an average price range for investment in their products.

Tip Six- Timing for the Session 

Most babies don’t arrive on their due date, so how do you schedule a session in advance?  Well, most newborn photographers leave room in their schedules for these sessions.  Once you select a photographer, they will most likely “soft schedule” your session and request that you put Dad or another family member in charge of contacting them once your little one arrives.  Newborn sessions are best completed within the first 10 days, so it’s important to hand this task over to someone else as you will be consumed with your new bundle of joy!

I hope these tips will help as you start your search for a newborn photographer.  There are many factors in choosing the right one for your family.  Having a baby is a important event and you deserve to have it captured with quality photography.

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