What to Expect

Photography is an art form.  What I see through the lens and how I compose an image is different from any other photographer.  Sure, there are technical rules of lighting & composition to follow, but as with any art form, the artist brings  their own vision to their work by choosing what to capture.  An essential part of this is your family dynamic.  The details you’ll share during our Pre-Session Consultation will assist me in creating the perfect session for your family.  Every family is beautiful, unique and has their own story to tell.  Therefore, no two sessions are exactly alike.  Our pre-session consultation will last 20-30 minutes during which we’ll discuss location, wardrobe considerations and I”ll answer all your questions.

The Session will typically last an hour and a half for a family.  Sometimes we can finish sooner and somedays we need a little more time.  I book my sessions to allow me to spend as much time as needed with each of my families.  Our pre-session consultation has helped me plan our session to be as efficient as possible while capturing the images that will grace the walls of your home.

Approximately 2 weeks after our session, we will get together for your Image Reveal & Ordering Session.  Here you’ll be able to select the images you love and I will help design the perfect wall displays for your home.  Gone are the days of wondering what size to order and how it will look in your home.  With the help of professional software, I will show you what the finished will look like product hanging on your own wall.

Orders take approximately 2 weeks to arrive and are hand delivered for my Tampa Bay clients.

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