One of my favorite quotes, “The days are long, but the years are short” is perfect for this type of portraits.  As the Mom of two teenagers myself, I simply cannot believe how time has flown.  During different stages of their childhood, I felt like they would never sleep through the night, be out of diapers, stop holding my hand when they crossed the street… but in time all those milestones did happen and here you are with a Senior in High School!  Yikes!!  I know you can’t possibly feel old enough to have a Senior or quite imagine what it will be like next year when they are off on a new path at college or out into the real world.  Life will truly be different after graduation!
Senior Portraits with Mary Ebert Photography are about capturing this last year at home.  Your child’s personality and style.  Do they play sports?  Love the violin?  Love to read or their car? This is all about capturing what makes your child unique.  It’s not the yearbook photo, although those are a wonderful memory too.  The images in my Senior Gallery  will give you an idea of the style of a Senior Session with me.  You will see several images of each of the seniors I have worked with recently.  You might have to bribe your seniors into a session with me, but I promise you, you will cherish these images for years to come!

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